Adult Baseball


This league was created to provide for adults 18 years old and over an alternative to  softball and enable us to play the game we all grew up playing. Adult attitudes must always  prevail, no matter how competitive any league is. The responsibility that this ethic  sustains will remain at the responsibility of the Commissioner and his officers, and anyone  who abuses the league’s code can be suspended or expelled from the league. 

League Government – The operation of the league is handled by the PABSC Board of  Directors in conjunction with the league Commissioner. The Commissioner and Coaches will assure that the spirit and letter of the league rules are being followed. The League  Commissioner will oversee budgeting, scheduling, and promoting the league. The  Treasurer will oversee paying league bills and reporting status of league balance at the end  of each month. League decisions that are put up for vote will be made only by PABSC  Board of Directors at league meetings. Voting results are implemented based on majority. 

Coaches Meetings – At least one representative from each team in the league is required  to attend each league meeting. 






Full Rules Available at this link --->  Link